Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Roundup

   There are so many important youth rights stories I have seen circulating recently, I wanted to publish a new edition of The Roundup ASAP.

   First of all, if you haven't seen The Adult Privilege Checklist you should check it out. It really puts youth oppression in black and white.

   The Little League World Series is going on and ESPN's coverage has been extremely respectful and non-ageist as far as these young athletes are concerned.

   This story about a young transgender man now ten years old (who first came out as a toddler) shows us that even our youngest youth know what they need to be happy, healthy, and successful if we adults are willing to support them. The article says that this young man's mother got a "lesson in love." I think it should also provide an equally important lesson in respecting the identity and bodily autonomy of people regardless of their age.

   This mother of an Autistic young person understands that non-disabled parents' interests are not always the same as that of their disabled children. Although she doesn't talk about this in the article, the same could be said of all parents and all youth.

   These pictures of youth on leashes underscores both the dehumanization and obsession with control attached to youth by their adult guardians in an ageist society.

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